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I M. Mathiyalagan introduced myself to the public at large as I am a highly experienced person, in Construction of Temple which are the ultimate for the spiritual purposes and protect the religious culture of India.

Sthapathis of India are highly skilled in the construction of Temples the centers of religious culture of India, and preach the values of Dharma s of human life. I came from the family of Hereditary Sthapathis of South Indian (Tamil nadu), who built several Temples in Tamilnadu famous for Dravida style of Silpam, comprising Architecture and sculpture.

Further I took regular Training in Mahabalipuram Oriental Silpa Training College from 1977-1982. Immediately after completion of professional course I took up construction of Temples with through knowledge in the ancient Silpa Shastras such as Manasarm, Mayametham, Kasyapam, Silpa Ratna Sahaladhi Karam and all other prominent silpa shastras in Devanageri, Sanskrit and scripts and Padmasree Ganapathi Sthapathi under his guidance.

I am also assisted by not less than 150 highly skilled silpis to my projects, which are readily available to go to any distance to shoulder the burdens and execution.

I enjoy the blessings of his Holiness Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamy god of Kanchipeetam and pursuing several works all over India under his guidance.

I humbly request all the philanthropic and protectors of our religion by construction of Hindu Temples to utilize my experienced services in this field. I enclose drawings, elevations plans and list of Temples in support of vast experiences.

Thanking You,

M. Mathiyalagan Sthapathi

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